Monat: Juli 2016

Facebook Live stream Performance

Recent Video performance for Facebook Live Streams .

Monitoring several Facebook Livestream Fanpage channels,  as they go live and how they perform with there primary engaged Fans from the start, the view numbers are from the start so final views are much higher but this video stat help us to understand dynamics on Live streams and how they grow during the Livestream.

Who Perform well on Facebook Livestreams ? Fanpages from the area Broadcaster Politischen Musician Sport, Online Print Publisher  and Person of Public interest most often perform quite well and use Excessive the new Live feature . Some broadcaster stream regular there TV shows , presskonferens  or Political debates from the Parliament or White House . Many German Print Magazines try to jump on the Livestream wagon with there own custom program. Not to forget most US News Channels are Live ready as their daily work

Fanpage size in matter of Fans does nearly don’t count at all, even Pages with million of fans get there viewer very slow online to the stream. Depends on the previews action of the Fans , if they are very like active the stream get fast populated too.

Best Facebook Live from last week was Hillary Clinton Stream with 60.000 viewer right from the start, what helps to go fast or nearly viral.  A Cultural Phenomenon the Asian love to stream live much more than any other region or country mostly from southeast asia . Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia , Indonesia and surrounding.


As soon we have some more Live Stream Fan Pages we will update the final views for the Channels.

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