WordPress import Trello Cards and List Content. This Plugin is a showcase demo on how to integrate dynamic Cards from Trello inside a WordPress Blog Post or Page. As most of our Trello Boards are research and Project Boards, some point it comes that you need to show it or present it public to people who don’t know Trello or are not so familiar with the tool and don’t want to sign up another tool.

WordPress Trello Cards can contain and will display

The Card have 2 links on the bottom, one that links to the card and the other links to the final link if one is present inside the Trello Card.

Google Material Design layout make it also for the mobile screens attractive and responsive, It was built for the old main Theme. The idea behind it is to make some Research Boards visible on the Webpage. Cards can be secret so only visible here Trello Backlinks will not be accessible for non-Team members if the Board is secret, like in these Trello test board.

The Plugin support 3 themes, Small List view | Big Cover | Medium Cards

Cards can be reordered and sorted in Trello, a simple short code to just display some Board Cards to the public.

Shot code Format

#ToDo automobile theme switch to list view for the better mobile experience. Option to save or share a single card. With this Meta-Trello Plugin, we can easily share and integrate links collections to any webpage and  update them via the Trello board by drag and drop the cards .

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Wir sind hier, um jede Ihrer Fragen zu beantworten.

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Wir sind hier, um jede deiner Fragen zu beantworten.

Email : info@metaprime.at

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