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Choose a plan that fits your needs  to build your METAGRID Data Intelligence.

Free Lite Version Pro Version
 Included countries  1  3  20
Included apps* 1 3 7
Content Curation OK OK OK
Competitor Analysis OK OK OK
Top chart ranks OK OK OK

Export Pages

Watchlists NO OK OK
Real-time NO NO OK
Support Forum Email OK
Minimum subscription period NO NO OK

Audience Intelligence

Media Manager  NO NO OK
Privat Queries NO OK OK
Keyword Analysis NO NO OK
3rd Party Addons NO NO OK
Monthly payment ‚ā¨0
Engagement OK OK OK


Sentiment analysis NO NO OK
E-Commerce NO NO OK
Infographics  NO NO OK
 Signals*  20  150  1000
Content Analysis NO OK OK
PDF Reports NO NO OK
Global Page NO NO OK

¬† SOCIAL MEDIA¬†‚ÄstThe Intention of Social Media ¬†is to drive consumers action.

¬† REFERRERS ‚Äď Top Experten in Webentwicklung seit ¬†1992

¬† Employee Training¬†‚ÄstOur staff can also train your in-house team to build and maintain your¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Webpages and Apps

¬† Data Services‚ÄstWe offer a variety of enterprise level tools to streamline the Social Media¬† ¬†Marketing process.

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